Our activities

The barley specialist in Europe

Created in 1902 by the French brewers and maltsters, the association SECOBRA had for primary mission to develop and enhance the delivery of quality barley to the industry.

SECOBRA RECHERCHES counts today amongst its principal shareholders some industrial maltsters, brewers, seed producers and distributors. It asserts itself as a breeding company well integrated into the French and European cereal chain.

As a European barley specialist, SECOBRA RECHERCHES undertakes 3 essential functions aiming at improving the quality of barley production: breeding, seed production and varietal identification. In order to do so, the company has several breeding stations at the heart of the main cereal regions in Europe.

A significant wheat breeding program was also started about 15 years ago, showing already several successful varieties such as Parador, Palédor, Rosario, Garcia, and more recently, Orcas and Waximum.

For more than 100 years, SECOBRA RECHERCHES stayed faithful to its 3 objectives, allowing an important growth within the last 30 years:

  • develop breeding by looking for a balance between agronomical and technological objectives so to satisfy the farmer as well as the industry,
  • develop varietal identification in order to control and follow the purity of the barley varieties sold to the brewing and malting industries,
  • produce highly pure seed of its varieties.

These tasks and results were allowed thanks to the continuous support from the industry which by doing so, showed its vivid interest for the primary material. This admirable collaboration between a breeding company and its downstream industry is simply unique in Europe